"Who did this?" Michael roared the question, pinching his best friends chin between finger and thumb. 
"Nobody important. I got into a bar-fight, ain’t nothing new" The younger man retorted, avoiding eye contact. 

"Was it Brad? Has that son of a prick been hitting you??. Answer me!" He inspected the wound closer, from first sight it could be put down to a reckless fist or something sharp grazing the skin. No, this had purpose. " 
"I’m not a helpless little girl, Mikey! I can take care of myself!" 
"If Brad is responsible for this…..I’m gonna kill him" 

"Brad didn’t do this. Ugly fuckers too much of a pussy anyway" 
"Then who did? I gotta know, T" 

"My mom……I tore one’a her favourite skirts and….look, just lemme go inside and clean up. This cut stings like a bitch" 

levidaenci disse: Oooh! somebody gonna pay for dat!

Fuck, I annoyed the wrong writer

I’m not really into skinny guys but ohgod Garrett

I received a bad grade today.

Well, if I didn’t study that much, if I didn’t pay attention in class neither make notes… maybe I could understand what the fuck happened. I’m a B+ student (not A because video games or hot aliens) so you can imagine how I’m feeling with an F in my hands again.

Yes, I’m frustrated, I’m sad, a bit angry and feeling like I’m a disappointment. No will of trying to fix that because hey I’m a fucking failure.

I had a tough night, kid.

sexygrew said: 

He tries to kill 2 people

It doesn’t seem too bad… I mean, who never tried before?

awesomeowlgal said:

Its not bad at all. Its great in fact. :-) it helps after a bad day especially

Well, he’s good looking and his grin does have something… You’re right, dear, it helps a lot lol

So my friend was talking about Frozen and all the feelings thing. I was really irritated this morning and after long 5 minutes listening I told her to get over.

After criticize my incapacity of empathy, my ability to lie and for being evil… She shouted that Hans and me would be perfect for each other.

I didn’t saw the movie yet. How bad it is?

Having nostalgic feelings ~~ 

lladycroft disse: :< *hugs*

*hugs back* thanks, sweetie

… And I pushed another person away from my life. What the fuck is wrong with me?Oh, I guess that’s because

… I forgot how to draw Sinestro. 
I’m a disgrace.

You are old, big guy. Thanks for being part of my childhood.
Happy 20th anniversary.